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Membership Rolls

In 2021, through technological error, we lost access to our entire membership directory.

We are currently in the process of updating our membership information for the purpose of pastoral care and statistics reporting.

We are basing our membership rolls off the list of those who have recently attended or have been in contact with the church in some manner.

If you have been a member but have not attended in some time or have not been in contact with the church, either through visits, contributions, or otherwise, please contact the church and the pastor will return your message.

If you have not been in contact with the church, your name should be considered as removed from the membership rolls.

This could, theoretically, preclude you from normal events of which members would be able to take easy advantage: funerals, gym use, gatherings, etc.

This does not mean anything about your status with Christ, but, because we have no information on you, we can't claim you as a member of this congregation.

We'd love to help fix this if it's an issue for you because it's an issue for us and we miss you.

Please use the "Contact" link in the menu above to start the process of getting touch!

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