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About SPI

SPI is your local community church since 1848, perfectly placed in NW MKE. Our entire mission revolves around reaching, teaching, and preaching. We reach out to others with the love of Christ, we teach them the faith, and we preach the forgiveness of sins to all.

We belong to The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, a church body that confesses God's Word, preaches it rightly, and highlights the ways that God reaches into this world and is with you through His Sacraments, Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and the forgiveness of sins.

We use a historic way of worshipping, a gift handed down from our ancestors and the ancient Church. Our music ranges from being 1800-years old to much more recently. We believe this connects us to all who have come before and all that they've given us so we can leave that same gift to all who will come after us.

We have a long history of serving NW MKE. From festivals to community assistance, we've been working for many years for everyone around us. Our school is top notch and serves families from all over MKE with an excellent staff and wonderful partners. We also have a food pantry that has been serving our community for years.

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